How to master your group coaching calls (for all you impactful coaches)

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Raise your hand if the idea of running a group coaching call has you stressed, in tears or even just nervous!

One day you feel on top of the world and the next you're questioning your skills as a coach.

I've been there and learned that is truly a part of business, but there are things you can do to ensure you run effective group sessions to help your clients move further along.


What You'll Discover:
Structuring Success: The importance of having a clear agenda and structure for every call. Learn how to create a focused and goal-oriented environment that caters to all clients' needs.

Engagement and Participation: Techniques to encourage active participation, keeping clients engaged and involved throughout the session. Discover how to foster a dynamic where cameras are on, and distractions are off.

Open-Ended Exploration: Utilize open-ended questions to spark enriching discussions, ensuring a safe and respectful sharing space.

Individualized Support Within Group Settings: Master the balance between offering group guidance and individualized attention, ensuring each client's questions and concerns are addressed.

Efficient Time Management: Strategies for managing your session times effectively, incorporating time blocks for structured activities, and ensuring your coaching calls run smoothly and respect everyone's time.

Embrace the opportunity to make your group coaching calls not just a meeting, but a transformative experience for your clients. Implement these strategies to become the go-to coach for those seeking growth, support, and community.



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