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Its time to create clients for life...

Are you ready to become an architect of your life, business and coaching programs?
We want to help you build a life you absolutely love to live. 

I help coaches build multi 6- 8 figure coaching programs that create raving clients, improve client results and create clients for life all while designing their business around the life so they can be fully present in life and enjoy the life they are creating. 

It’s Time to Flip The Script On “What Is” And Think About “What Could Be”

7 Figure Program Architect

You know you were meant for entrepreneurship but the churn and burn of clients is making you feel not good enough. There has to be an easier way than working with all the clients 1 to 1.  You know scaling past $20K+ months should be easier.  You aren't afraid of doing the work but  all these hats are starting to make you question the business you are building.  It's time to invest in evergreen systems, processes, and building a group program that gets your clients even more amazing results than your 1 to 1 programs and in half the time.  Learn from someone who has been in your shoes and built a multiple 6 figure coaching business in less than 6 months.  

Empire Builder MasterMind

Your program is up and running but you realize you have become the deliverable.  You are putting out fires all day long. The churn and burn of clients has you wondering if you are even good at what you do any more. The roller coaster of moving from delivery back to more marketing and sales makes you want vomit! You know there is a much easier way to scale to 7 figures and beyond without constantly hopping right back into sales and marketing. Its time to invest in systems, processes and revamping your program so you can enroll an additional 30 new clients without the system breaking.  Learn from someone who has helped coaches scale from $30k/mo - $125k/mo with a client centric business that creates clients for life and increase the value of each customer by 2-5x thus making your business profitable, scalable and sustainable while you live your best life.

It's Time to Design a Life and Business  You LOVE! 

What Our Clients Say....


I actually saw my revenue grow last month by 545%, so that speaks for itself

Lucy Stevens 

 / Coach for SMM Agencies


She’s a friend and ally in the difficult journey of running your own business.

Madeline Macdonald

/ Agency Owner


My business is on track to hit top numbers financially this month!

Julie Moore

/ Coach

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Jess Laverde

Jess Laverde is a serial entrepreneur, podcast host, and business strategist who is an expert in online instructional design and building one-of-a-kind offers that convert. Using her previous career in teaching, she is able to distill complex concepts into simple, easy-to-understand ideas that get real results. 

Jess founded Self Made Empire - a business growth consultancy for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to improve their rate of client retention, renewals, resells, referrals, and results!


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